Electronic Arts Sees Casual, Strategy and RPG as Core Mobile Genres

The company is well positioned to publish RPGs, strategy titles and casual games

Mobile gaming, both on dedicated handhelds and on smartphones, is one of the developing segments of an industry that seems to be focused on decline and publisher Electronic Arts wants to see more core games taking advantage of its opportunities.

Nick Earl, the leader of the All Play division at EA, tells GamesIndustry that, “There’ll be growth in casual games, and I think we’re well positioned there, too.”

PopCap recently announced that it was shifting resources in order to focus on mobile gaming projects.

Earl adds, “But the strategy/RPG core gamer is also there in a big way, and they’ll be spending more and more money and time on these games.”

Industry observers believe that the smartphone evolution will lead to the end of dedicated gaming handhelds, but Nintendo has proved them wrong with solid sales of the 3DS.

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