Electronic Arts Interested in THQ Franchises

EA has gone through the necessary steps and will bid on THQ's properties this month

Electronic Arts has been named among the other investors that are interested in THQ, especially since the bankruptcy process will now contain an auction for the different franchises owned by the struggling publisher.

THQ, after many financial problems, revealed last month that it was going bankrupt and that a buyer is already set up to take over the firm, in the form of Clearlake Capital.

After objections from THQ's creditors, a bankruptcy court judge ruled yesterday that THQ's different properties should be auctioned off individually, not as a whole.

This sale will take place on January 22 and now, according to the Distressed Debt Investing Twitter account, it seems that another big publisher, Electronic Arts, is interested in THQ.

EA joins other interested parties, like Warner Bros., and you can expect other companies to manifest their interest in THQ's different properties.

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