Elder Scrolls Online Might Have Daedra Worship

Gamers might be able to gain favor with a host of chaos deities

The development team at ZeniMax Online is giving hints that it might include Daedra worship in the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online, allowing those who know the lore of the game universe to pledge allegiance to the evil oriented lords of the world.

Answering a question from a fan, the team states, “Orcish leaders, such as King Kurog, emphasize that the Orcs of Orsinium worship Mauloch, who absolutely isn’t a Daedric Prince at all, honest. It’s those other Orcs who worship the Daedra Lord Malacath.”

The Daedra are not simply evil, they stand in for chaos and change in the world of Elder Scrolls, which means it could be possible for players to worship them and still be classified as allied to good factions.

The Elder Scrolls Online will arrive on the PC in 2013.

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