Earn Dota 2 Item Drops by Watching Streams Online via Twitch

Link Steam and Twitch accounts to earn big rewards while watching live streams

Valve has confirmed a brand new initiative between it and the popular Twitch live streaming service, which allows the Steam and Twitch accounts of a user to be linked.

This way, he or she can earn Dota 2 tournament item drops by watching streams via Twitch, not just through the actual game.

Dota 2 is still technically in beta, although now almost everyone can access the online experience. It's also a favorite among those who watch live streams, as the title has extensive support for such broadcasts within the game.

Now, in order to allow those who favor websites like Twitch over starting the game and watching a stream through it, Valve has partnered with the Twitch service to allow the linking of accounts.

After completing the necessary steps, according to the official blog, Dota 2 players will be able to earn tournament item drops while watching streams, as long as they have a ticket for the tournament.

More features will be added to this system, according to Valve.

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