EVE Online: Retribution Expansion Is Live, Has Price Cut on Steam

The game offers more options for all space MMO fans

Developer CCP is launching the Retribution expansion for EVE Online and, in order to celebrate the occasion, digital distribution service Steam is offering the game with a 75 percent price cut, which means that players can get it for 5 dollars or Euro.

The official description for the new content says: “CONCORD has revisited long-untouched regulation and moved to bring greater accountability to capsuleer actions. Meanwhile, concerns of growing power among the pilots has prompted protest from the four empires, and pirates across the universe have had their arrogant disregard for the law shaken by news of upcoming changes to who can bring them to justice.”

The main theme for Retribution is uncertainty, as new weapons and a new political situation means that opportunities are available for all those willing to seize the moment in the long-running single shard MMO.

The full patch notes are available from CCP.

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