EVE Online Gives Away Festive Items Until December 27

The player base can also watch a new kind of Santa

The developers at CCP working on the MMO EVE Online are ready to give away festive items to players between December 20 and December 27, in order to give them a chance to celebrate the winter holidays even in the punishing world of the space-based intrigue and warfare.

Santa and elves are featured in the Christmas-themed EVE Online video, but they are not playing the roles that gamers might be used to.

EVE Online is one of the most interesting experiences available in the MMO space, a single-shard title that relies heavily on player-developed narratives.

Treachery and meta gaming sit at the core of the CCP-created experience, which will be expanded during 2013 with the addition of the tie-in Dust 514 multiplayer shooter, available exclusively on the PlayStation 3 for Sony.

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