EA’s Play4Free Now Included in Origin

Battlefield Heroes, Need for Speed World, C&C: Tiberium Alliances are affected

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced that it is renaming its Play4Free brand and moving it under the leadership of the Origin digital distribution service, where all players will be redirected starting this week.

Sean Decker, a vice president at the digital division of Electronic Arts, is quoted by Polygon as saying that, “What changes for our players? Other than a new destination URL, nothing about the games has changed.”

The games affected include: Battlefield Heroes, Need for Speed World, Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances and other free-to-play games based on well-known EA franchises.

Those who have Origin identities will not need to create new ones and will keep all their data and items for the games they play.

It seems that the move was designed to increase the user base for Origin, which is currently standing at about 15 million, by adding the 45 million who are using Play4Free.

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