EA Sports: NBA Live 14 Can Compete with NBA 2K14

The new team has the resources and the right developers

Sean O’Brien, who is the executive producer working on NBA Live 14 at EA Sports, says that his team is ready to deliver a video game that can directly compete with the NBA 2K14 series created by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

In an official letter, the developer tells the fan community that, “EA Sports is 100% committed to rebuilding NBA LIVE and growing its basketball business overall.”

He adds that he has “the size of the team and resources required to give us every opportunity to make a great basketball game that can compete with such a solid franchise like NBA 2K.”

O’Brien admits that the fan base can be skeptical after the previous two titles in the series have been canceled because of quality concerns.

NBA Live 14 will use the new Ignite technology on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

The game is expected to launch once the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony are out.

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