EA Runs Massive Sale on Origin with Big Discounts for Popular Games

Prices have been slashed depending on the territory

In order to show just how much it appreciates the 40+ million Origin users worldwide, Electronic Arts has just unleashed two different sales sprees on the digital distribution service, one for North America and the other for Europe and the rest of the world, slashing the prices on many big games.

EA's Origin service has been criticized lately due to the problematic launch of SimCity, a game anticipated by many but let down by its online servers which couldn't handle the strain and caused lots of errors for users.

Now, after confirming that SimCity owners can get one game for free as a token of appreciation, EA has revealed two very impressive sales on its Origin digital distribution service for all its users.

Those in North America can take part in the Origin Player Appreciation Sale, which sees up to 70% discounts on over 200 games. Those in Europe and the rest of the world can get up to 50% price cuts on most of the same titles.

These include popular ones like Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 3, but also recent titles like Dead Space 3 or Crysis 3, not to mention games that aren't made by EA, like The Walking Dead.

The sale will end on March 26 so act fast and check out Origin right here.

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