EA Lobbies for Unique Rating System for All Countries

Developers need to keep governments out of game regulation

Video game publisher Electronic Arts is interested in the creation of a rating system for titles that would spawns across all markets and all platforms and that would make it easier for players to understand what kind of products they are buying.

VG247 reports that the executive tells a group of politicians in Washington, that, “As we are so often told: with great freedom, comes great responsibility. To live up to that responsibility, we need to do a better job informing the consumer, no matter the channel, the platform or the geography. We must adopt a self-regulated, global rating system across every format games are played on.”

The EA leader also reiterated that the gaming industry is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and that government should not move to regulate the business but should rely on the self-regulating abilities of the industry.

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