EA Games Won't Get Online Passes Following Xbox One DRM Change

Electronic Arts eliminated online passes following fan feedback, not because of Microsoft

Electronic Arts has confirmed that, following the massive change in the Xbox One DRM policy, it won't re-introduce the online pass system to protect its titles from being traded in and played online through used copies.

EA sparked quite an outrage when it introduced the online pass system, as owners of a used title were forced to pay a fee in order to play online.

A few months ago, the publisher confirmed that the system is history but it was quickly revealed that Microsoft's Xbox One will impose other limitations on used games.

Now that those limitations are gone, EA has emphasized that it's not going back on its word and that online passes are gone forever.

According to an EA statement sent to Polygon, the decision to scrap online passes was made based on player feedback, not on Microsoft's eventual stance in terms of pre-owned titles.

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