EA Confirms Removal of Online Passes for Previously Released Games

Older games will see the online pass requirement removed or get it for free

Electronic Arts has confirmed that it's going to remove the Online Passes for previously released games, either by taking out the requirement from within the game or by making the passes free in the Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store.

EA surprised quite a lot of people when it confirmed to the world that it was going to remove the Online Pass system from its future games.

Yesterday, it seemed that EA was also removing the online passes from older games and now the company has confirmed that it will slowly take out the system from all of its previously released titles.

In the following weeks, EA will either remove the necessity for an online pass from games or make the passes free on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace, so that gamers can download them easily.

No other details were offered by EA's help page, but you can expect to see a full list of affected games in the near future.

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