Dust 514 Video Shows EVE Online Powered Orbital Bombardment

The two games will also interact in new ways on launch

The development team at CCP is offering fans of both the upcoming Dust 514 and the MMO EVE Online a chance to see how the two games will be linked via the newly announced orbital bombardment feature.

The idea is to allow mercenaries battling on the planet surface in Dust 514 to call upon those flying in spaceships in EVE Online for help.

The video shows how an orbital bombardment can be initiated and sees a number of pilots discussing its effects on the actual battle.

The two video games share the same overall universe and the development team at CCP has promised that there will be more ways for players to link the two experiences.

At the moment, Dust 514 is in closed beta stage and the shooter MMO should be launched exclusively on the PlayStation 3, before the end of 2013.

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