Dust 514 Diary Offers Information on All MMO Vehicles

Gamers can buy them all for cheap in the beta stage

The development team at CCP working on the Dust 514 MMO is ready to offer information about the various vehicles that will be part of the game and Ryan Thorton, one of the game designers, uses a video to give details on the entire range.

Dust 514 will include dropships that can be called upon when the situation on the battlefield is dire, although they have to be purchased before being used.

There are also lighter and faster vehicles that will suit a number of playing styles.

For the coming weekend, CCP announces a 50 price drop on all vehicles for those who want to get access to them in the beta stage and the ISK reward rate for currency is tripled until November 26.

Dust 514 will be launched exclusively on the PlayStation 3 for Sony and currently lacks a release date.

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