Dust 514 Developers Offer Full Information on MMO Rewards

Gamers will be able to leave the field with salvage, ISK and skill points

The developer team at CCP working on the MMO Dust 514 is offering more information on the rewards that a player can get on the virtual battlefield of the shooter and how they will fit into the overall economy of the title.

The team states on the Official PlayStation Blog that, “interplanetary violence is its own reward, but we’re always striving to reward your destructive tendencies in other ways. ISK, SP, and Salvage are just three of the ways your time pays off. Every victory, every kill, every clone, brings you one step closer toward being the scourge of the stars.”

ISK is the virtual currency of EVE Online, which also works in the Dust 514 universe, and players are able to get it based on their overall performance and the core cost of each battle.

Skill points are designed to increase the power of each player as he explores more of the game world and keep him competitive.

Finally, salvage is currently just a placeholder and will evolve into a deeper system where players will be able to get their preferred rewards.

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