Dungeon Keeper Inspired War of the Overworld Successfully Funded

Gamers will get to trap and destroy stories starting in August

Developer Subterranean Games announces that it has managed to successfully fund its War of the Overworld project via Kickstarter and is now fully committed to the development process, aiming to launch the game by August 2013.

The game is interesting because it aims to be a spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper that will use the same core ideas while adapting them to a modern audience.

Players will use management and tactics concepts in order to create a death trap for heroes across the land, using everything from spells to traps and monsters in order to make sure that no good character can escape the underground base of the player.

War of the Overworld is significant because it has secured endorsements from Peter Molyneux, the original creator of Dungeon Keeper, and from other members of the Bullfrog team.

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