Dreamfall Creator Says Xbox One Reveal Is a Disappointment

Microsoft has failed to deliver any support for indie creators

Ragnar Tornquist, the creator of the Dreamfall universe, says that the reveal of the Xbox One home console is a disappointment because Microsoft has failed to offer any information on how indie titles will be supported.

The leader of Red Thread Games tells Eurogamer that, “there was no mention of it or sign that they are changing the way Xbox Live will work for indie developers, which makes it hard for us to get excited about the platform.”

During its own reveal event for the PlayStation 4, Sony promised to support indie studios and revealed that Jonathan Blow’s next title was coming to the device as a timed exclusive soon after launch.

At the moment, Tornquist is working on Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, which was funded earlier this year via Kickstarter.

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