Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey Funded, Stretch Goals Announced

Gamers can get a longer adventure and support for more platforms

The Kickstarter-based crowd-funding effort for the upcoming Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey has succeeded, with the game past its original funding goal.

The development team at Red Thread Games is thanking all those fans who have backed the project already and is announcing a number of stretch goals for those who are willing to contribute from now on.

Mac and Linux versions of Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest will be added as long as the Kickstarter project gets 900,000 dollars (672,000 Euro).

If more resources are obtained, the developers will add the Loremasters and the overall length of the adventure will be increased, with players able to explore more story elements and solve more puzzles.

The team adds, “We promise to make the best game we can possibly make, one that lives up to your expectations and the legacy of The Longest Journey saga.”

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