Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard DLCs for Skyrim Get PS3 Release Dates

Find out when the three expansions appear for Skyrim on PS3 this month

Bethesda has finally confirmed just when PlayStation 3 owners of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim get the long-awaited downloadable add-ons that already appeared on platforms like the PC or Xbox 360.

Playing Skyrim on the PS3 wasn't the best way to experience Bethesda's sprawling role-playing game, as issues with the save game files resulted in lag, errors, and freezes.

Over time, developer Bethesda released different updates to solve these problems but ongoing errors prevented it from launching different expansions for the game on that platform.

Now, after confirming that the three add-ons will arrive this month, Bethesda has confirmed on Twitter the exact release dates for PS3 owners of Skyrim in North America.

Dragonborn will hit the platform on February 12, followed by Hearthfire on February 19, and by Dawnguard on February 26.

Bethesda is still waiting for release dates in Europe from Sony, so expect another announcement soon enough.

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