Dragon Quest 7 Complexity Increased 3DS Remake Development Time, Says Creator

The remake uses a new guidance and summary system on the 3DS

Yuuji Hori, the game director on Dragon Quest 7, says that the complexity level of the game was one of the reasons why more than one year was needed to create the 3DS remake that’s now out on the Japanese market.

The new version of the game has guidance and summary system created by Square Enix, which is designed to make sure that players know where they are in the game world at all times and can track all the items they need in order to progress.

The remake of Dragon Quest 7 also has StreetPass features, which allow gamers to share mini-games and other features with friends.

Yuuji Hori has also revealed during an Iwata Asks segment translated by Siliconera that one of his main inspirations for the game was Myst.

It’s unclear whether Square Enix plans to bring the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest 7 to Western markets.

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