Downloadable PS3 Games Could Be Played on PlayStation 4 via Cloud, Sony Says

The next-gen console might be compatible with all sorts of older games via cloud streaming

After revealing the PlayStation 4 yesterday, Sony has now begun answering specific questions about the new home console and even revealed that downloadable PS3 titles that were bought by users from the PlayStation Network could be transferred to their PlayStation 4 accounts and played on the new console.

The PlayStation 3 will soon be replaced by the PlayStation 4 and Sony already confirmed that the new console would have backwards compatibility with older titles, but only via the Gaikai cloud streaming service.

Now, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has revealed to Polygon that, if Sony chooses to do so, the Gaikai streaming service could also cover downloaded PS3 games from the PlayStation Store.

As of yet, however, Sony is still nailing down its plans and won't make an official confirmation just yet.

"We could do so if we choose to," he told Polygon. "We know who purchased what as a record. But we are working on service plans and we haven't decided."

Quite a few games have been confirmed for the PS4 and, considering the Gaikai cloud streaming service, the new home console could play a lot of impressive titles, both made for it and for previous devices.

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