Download Now The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC for PC, via Steam

Owners of Season 1 can purchase the bonus DLC in preparation for Season 2

The Walking Dead Season 1 for the PC and Mac platforms has finally received the long awaited 400 Days DLC, as it's now available for download via Valve's Steam digital distribution service.

The Walking Dead episodic series from Telltale Games delivered a stunning adventure experience that took place in the universe created by the original comics and popularized by the TV show.

After the end of Season 1, the studio promised that a second season would be made but, until then, Telltale has just released a new add-on called 400 Days, which tells five stories during the zombie apocalypse.

The DLC will feature consequences of choices made by players in Season 1 and will have an impact on how Season 2 will play.

The DLC can be purchased for just 5 USD/EUR via Steam but those who got The Walking Dead Season 1 from Telltale's online store will receive it for free as a complimentary code.

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