Download Now PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 4.40 Update

The new software version brings stability improvements and is mandatory

A brand new PlayStation 3 firmware update has just been made available, taking the console's software to version 4.40 and bringing certain stability improvements and eliminating various issues with several games.

Update: PS blog Japan says that the new software also brings support for one of Sony's NFC readers, the RC-S380.

Sony's PlayStation 3 software update schedule has been streamlined in recent months as the Japanese company no longer wants to force owners of the console to endure the lengthy update process.

Even so, new firmware versions are still released and the latest one takes the PS3's software to version 4.40.

The update brings a few stability improvements to the console's software and apparently solves some errors that were caused by certain games, according to PSU.

As of yet, Sony hasn't released the official details about the firmware, but it's now available as a mandatory download around the world, so PS3 owners can't skip it.

Expect to hear more about it soon.

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