Download Now New Titanfall Update to Fix Smart Pistol Lock-on Bug on PC

The new patch will no longer tie the lock-on system to the monitor's framerate

Respawn Entertainment has just confirmed that it's rolling out a brand new update for Titanfall on the PC platform, fixing a major glitch that appeared when the last patch went live yesterday and caused the lock-on process for the Smart Pistol to accelerate when played on framerates higher than 60fps.

Titanfall launched worldwide for PC and Xbox One back in March and surfaced onto the Xbox 360 in April.

Since then, developer Respawn has worked hard to ensure that the game is performing well across all platforms and that it's ready to receive new maps, like the ones in the recently released Expedition DLC.

However, the latest big update for PC and Xbox One, which rolled out yesterday, has caused some issues on the PC.

More specifically, the game now has support via the new patch for monitors with higher refresh rates, like 144hz. However, it seems that the lock-on system for the Smart Pistol is tied directly to the framerate of the game.

As such, if you run the game on 144hz monitors, the lock-on system is accelerated, resulting in a huge exploit and advantage for players with such screens.

Respawn has confirmed on Twitter that it's rolling out a new patch for the title on PC in order to fix this problem, and it will appear for all Origin users in the following hours.

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