Download Now Minecraft Update 1.4.7 for PC

The new patch solves a variety of crashes and other issues

Minecraft owners on the PC platform can now download patch 1.4.7 for their game, as developer Mojang has just released the small update that should address a number of crashes and a few other issues.

Minecraft is a true phenomenon, spawning not just a successful release on the PC but also a very popular Xbox 360 version and a mobile Pocket Edition.

Now, developer Mojang has just posted a fresh update for the game, via its website, that should solve several crashes and fix a few other issues, including ones with the SRV records and the bold text.

Thankfully, server administrators won't need to upgrade their installations, as 1.4.7 clients are compatible with 1.4.6 servers.

A much bigger update 1.5, called Redstone, is going to appear in the near future and brings all sorts of new things.

Download the updated version of Minecraft 1.4.7 right now from Softpedia.

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