Download Now Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC on Xbox 360, Soon on PC and PS3

The new single-player expansion is out today across all platforms

Mass Effect 3 owners can now download the Omega expansion for the game's single-player mode on the Xbox 360 and will soon be able to get it on the PC and PlayStation 3 later today, November 27.

Mass Effect 3 delivered a sprawling single-player campaign, not to mention a really addictive multiplayer, which has received plenty of free updates and DLC packs.

Now, the next single-player add-on for the game, Mass Effect 3: Omega, has just been released on the Xbox 360 platform, via Xbox Live.

The DLC, which takes Commander Shepard back to the Omega space station and joins him with Aria and a mysterious female Turian, will also be released on the PC, via Origin, and on the PS3, via the PS Store.

While PC owners worldwide get it today, November 27, only North America PS3 users will be able to get it later today. Those in Europe will have to wait until tomorrow, November 28, to download the expansion.

Don't forget that it costs 1200 BioWare Points on the PC, 1200 MS Points on the Xbox 360, and $14.99/€14.99 on the PS3.

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