Download Now Free Street Fighter X Mega Man V2 on PC

Plenty of bug fixes, new features, and a fresh challenge have been added

After the very successful release of the free-to-play Street Fighter X Mega Man downloadable game, Capcom has now posted the second version of the lightweight title, in the form of the aptly titled Street Fighter X Mega Man V2, which can now be downloaded for the PC for free.

Capcom is honoring the 25th anniversaries of its Street Fighter and Mega Man franchises in a special way on the PC platform, as the company helped a loyal fan release a special mash-up in the form of Street Fighter X Mega Man.

After releasing it as a free download last month, Capcom has now posted an updated version with plenty of bug fixes, as well as improved controller support plus the ability to take screenshots by pressing F9.

M Bison has seen his powers improve and a new challenger has also been added, but Capcom isn't saying who it is.

You can download Street Fighter X Mega Man V2 for free right now from Softpedia.

Check out a video of the improved game above.

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