Download Now Free Onslaught Update for Blacklight: Retribution via Steam

The new expansion includes new game modes, weapons, maps, and items

After confirming it yesterday, Zombie Studios and Perfect World have now released the Onslaught content update for Blacklight: Retribution on the PC platform, via Steam.

Blacklight: Retribution impressed lots of people with its top-notch first-person shooter experience that was completely free-to-play but managed to avoid falling into the pay-to-win trap, as players couldn't automatically buy the biggest and most powerful weapons.

Now, the latest free update for the game, the Onslaught expansion, is available for download.

The new patch brings two new game modes, in the form of a competitive Search and Destroy one and, for the first time ever, a cooperative Onslaught one.

Two new maps, new weapons, and items are also included in the this free update for Blacklight: Retribution.

Check out all the details about the Onslaught expansion for the free-to-play first-person shooter in the video above.

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