Download Now Free Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episode 7 DLC via Xbox Live

Check out the Invasion and see how the Infinity stands up against the Promethean Knights

After teasing its release last week, Microsoft has just made available the Spartan Ops Episode 7 DLC for Halo 4, allowing owners of the game to engage in brand new cooperative adventures and see how the story of the special mode develops.

Halo 4 has delivered to fans of the series not just a great single-player experience or a multiplayer one, but also a top notch cooperative campaign called Spartan Ops that received new content each week in the form fresh episodes.

Now, the latest part in the series, Episode 7, has just been released via the Xbox Live online service.

The new episode is titled "Invasion" and sees Lasky confront Dr. Halsey for her actions while the Infinity ship is invaded by the Promethean Knights of terrorist Jul 'Mdama.

Check out a full-fledged video of the impressive DLC above and download it right now, for free, via Xbox Live.

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