Download The Walking Dead Game Episode 1 for Free on Xbox 360 UPDATED

Get the first part of the stunning adventure game via Xbox Live for free

Microsoft has just posted a pretty massive deal on its Xbox Live Arcade, offering the first episode of The Walking Dead game for free to all Xbox Live members, including Silver ones.

UPDATE: The rest of the episodes in The Walking Dead are now on sale for the Xbox 360, with Microsoft offering 50% discounts, so check out the deal right here.

The Walking Dead proved that video game adaptations of existing properties, in this case comics, can work great, provided the mechanics help the actual story.

After fans saw the release of the full first season, which consists of five episodes, across platforms like the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, or iOS, those who've yet to try the game out can get the entire first episode for free on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live.

The episode can be added to your Xbox Live download queue at this link and you can buy the other four from within the game if you get hooked on the experience.

The deal lasts until January 1, 2013, so you might want to hurry.

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