Download Free Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC Now for Xbox 360, Soon for PC and PS3

New characters, weapons, and items are coming to the game's co-op mode

BioWare has begun releasing the free Reckoning downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 3, giving players access to quite a few new characters, weapons, and various other things in the cooperative multiplayer mode.

Mass Effect 3's online experience has been a huge success, allowing owners of the game to embark on cooperative experiences alongside others. Thanks to several free DLC packs, the game has received many new characters, maps, weapons, and items.

The last add-on has just been revealed, in the form of the Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC, and has already begun appearing today, February 26, across the game's different platforms.

Xbox 360 owners can already download the Reckoning add-on for free via Xbox Live and the content pack will be released later today on the PC, via Origin, and the PlayStation 3, via the PlayStation Network.

The DLC will add new characters to the game, as well as new weapons and various other upgrades.

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