Download Free DmC Devil May Cry Demo on Xbox 360, Soon on PS3

Experience two levels from the upcoming hack and slash game

The demo for DmC Devil May Cry is now available as a free download for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live, and will soon hit the PlayStation 3’s PS Store in North America later today, November 20, and in Europe tomorrow, on November 21.

DmC Devil May Cry reboots Capcom’s long-running hack and slash series by reimagining the story and character design while keeping the same stylish gameplay.

We already saw the game in action thanks to a lot of videos and now fans of the series can actually check out a free demo for the game that’s just been released today, November 20.

The demo can be downloaded for the Xbox 360, via the Xbox Live Marketplace, for free worldwide, although an Xbox Live Gold membership is required.

PlayStation 3 users in North America will be able to get the free demo later today, via the PS Store, while those in Europe need to wait until tomorrow, November 21, to download it.

In case you forgot, the trial features two levels as well as a special boss fight against a mighty Succubus. Another difficulty level is unlocked once you complete it the first time.

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