Double Fine Wants to Acquire Costume Quest and Stacking Rights

The company might be ready to create sequels for them

The development team at Double Fine says that it is interested in getting back all the rights to its titles Costume Quest and Stacking, which are currently held by the rapidly disappearing THQ corporate structure.

Justin Bailey, a representative of the company, tells Polygon that, “We are optimistic about regaining these distribution rights, as this process has already demonstrated that when there are parties interested in specific assets, those assets are worth more when sold separately.”

Costume Quest is Halloween-themed and allows players to change identities and powers via different costumes.

Stacking had an even more interesting idea because it challenged players with solving puzzles by inhabiting Russian dolls of various sizes.

It’s unclear whether Double Fine just wants to make money from Stacking and Costume Quest or whether the company wants to develop sequels.

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