Double Fine Interested in THQ's Franchises

The small independent studio will have to compete with EA and Warner Bros.

Another company has been named among those interested in the upcoming auction of THQ's franchises, in the form of Double Fine Productions, the independent studio behind hits like Psychonauts, Costume Quest, or Stacking.

Double Fine has specialized in creating lightweight downloadable games that explore unique ideas and has collaborated with struggling publisher THQ on a couple of titles.

Now, after it has been confirmed that all of THQ's properties, from franchises to studios, will be sold at a bankruptcy auction, Distressed Debt Investing reports that Double Fine has also become interested in the sale.

While it's unlikely that the independent studio will be able to compete with other interested parties like Electronic Arts or Warner Bros., it's possible that the company will aim for smaller franchises suited to its own strategy.

THQ's bankruptcy auction will be held on January 22.

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