Double Fine Designer Praises Fan Involvement in Video Game Development

Gamers can help a team choose the best ideas for the future

JP LeBreton, one of the lead designers working at developer Double Fine, says that he is very happy with the way the company is trying to integrate fans and their unique energy in the game development process.

He tells Gamasutra that, “I’m sure that will prove in the long run to have its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but it also just feels like a much more honest living, where you’re not dealing with a middleman in some ways. That’s interesting. It’s more interesting than publisher hegemony, that’s for sure.”

A final verdict can be passed after Double Fine launches the Kickstarter-funded adventure game, on which fans can offer input during the development process.

LeBreton also praised Tim Schafer’s ability to let go of creative control and empower those part of his team at Double Fine.

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