Dota 2 Update Brings Lots of Fixes and Improvements

Valve updated Necronomicon visuals and addressed lots of issues

No later than last week, Valve's online game Dota 2 received a massive patch that added a huge number of cosmetic items, a new hero and lots of fixes.

Today, a new update is available for Dota 2 players, which promises to improve the gameplay experience even further.

There are lots of fixes included in this update, but also a few visual improvements. Gameplay changes have been included as well, such as the addition of Meepo and Magnus to Captain's Mode.

Valve also fixed some gameplay-related issues, which are listed below:

- Fixed Reverse Polarity not pulling units from the right location;

- Fixed Necromastry loss count for odd numbers;

- Fixed Reverse Polarity stunning cycloned units;

- Fixed Incapacitating Bite working against Wards.

For the full list of changes and new features, check out of the official announcement here.

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