Dota 2 Update Adds Fixes for Greevil Eggs and New Trophy

The update also adds a Golden Baby Roshan trophy courier

Valve’s Dota 2 has just received a new update that fixes some of the bugs reported by players, and adds a few new features.

Although it can be considered a minor update, this patch fixes some issues with the Greevil Eggs and brings a Golden Baby Roshan trophy courier that is awarded to the fastest Roshan killing players each cycle.

The following Greevil Eggs bugs have been addressed in this update as well:

"- Fixed a bug that caused Greevil Eggs to lose socketed essences when traded. Eggs are now safe to trade;

- Removed a restore option on Greevil Eggs that caused socketed essences to be lost;

- Restored Greevil Eggs damaged by the trading and restore bugs to their owners. About 12,000 eggs were affected and have been restored."

For the full list of changes added in this update for Dota 2, check out Valve’s official announcement here.

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