Dota 2 Now Has Over 3 Million Unique Monthly Players

Valve still has no plans to get the game into open beta stage

Despite still being in closed beta, Dota 2, the upcoming online game from Valve, has over 3 million unique monthly players, according to Valve.

Dota originally appeared as a mod for Warcraft III and Valve quickly hired one of its main developers to work on a full-fledged sequel built from the ground up as a new experience.

This new title, Dota 2, was released as a closed beta more than a year ago, and since then the number of players enjoying the strategy title has grown exponentially.

Now, Valve has confirmed, via CVG, that over 3 million unique users are playing the game every month.

The studio didn't say anything about putting the game in an open beta, but the title will be free-to-play once it's eventually released via Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux at some point in time.

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