Don Mattrick Pushed for Microsoft Acquisition of Zynga in 2010 – Report

The two leaders have developed a friendship that resulted in this year's move

Don Mattrick, the former leader of the Xbox One division at Microsoft and who is now working at Zynga, apparently tried to engineer a takeover deal between the software giant and the social game company in 2010. cites sources from Microsoft who say that Mattrick dealt directly with Mark Pincus, then chief executive officer of Zynga.

The two leaders seem to have become friends even if the deal did not go through and Pincus used his relationship to draw Mattrick away from his position in late June.

Steve Ballmer seems to be heading the process that will lead to the launch of the Xbox One in November.

At Zynga, Mattrick is aiming to turn around the fortunes of the company and might get a yearly benefits package of about 50 million dollars (37.5 million Euro).

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