Doctor Who: Worlds in Time Shuts Down on February 28

The game did not manage to capture the spirit of the TV show

The development team working on Doctor Who: Worlds in Time announces that the browser-powered and free-to-play MMO based on the very successful television show is set to shut down all operations on February 28 of this year.

The announcement, seen by Joystiq, is surprising given that the game was first launched in March of 2012 and was supposed to act as a companion experience for long-term fans of the franchise.

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is designed to include the most iconic locations that the main characters have visited and allows players to solve quests that pit them against the best known enemies of the show.

Last year, the free-to-play MMO market became very competitive and games that fail to capture the long-term attention of players and convince them to give up their free time have little chance of surviving for more than a few years.

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