DmC Devil May Cry Vergil's Downfall DLC Gets New Screenshots, Details

Check out Dante's brother in action as he takes on different enemies

Capcom has just revealed a few more details about the upcoming Vergil's Downfall DLC for DmC Devil May Cry, which is going to appear at the end of the month for the hack and slash game, alongside a few new screenshots.

DmC Devil May Cry impressed quite a lot of fans by rebooting in a successful manner the long-running hack-and-slash franchise made by Capcom.

We have already heard that the game will receive its free Bloody Palace mode DLC next week and now Capcom has revealed, via Kotaku, that the first full-fledged story-based DLC, Vergil's Downfall, will be released at the end of February.

The DLC's campaign will last around 3 to 4 hours and picks up after the end of the game's story.

Besides offering new levels and a new protagonist, in form of Dante's brother Vergil, the DLC also has new black and white cut scenes that not only look good but are also cheaper and faster to make for developer Ninja Theory.

Until the DLC's release this month, check out the new screenshots in the gallery below.


DmC Devil May Cry Vergil's Downfall Screenshots (5 Images)

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