DmC Devil May Cry Son of Sparda Special Edition Leaked Online

Get the game, plus special DLC and a real-life necklace

Capcom is set to release a special version of its upcoming DmC Devil May Cry hack and slash game, in the form of the Son of Sparda Edition, which includes the game, special DLC for it, as well as a physical necklace modeled after the one worn by the hero, Dante, in the title.

DmC reboots the whole Devil May Cry franchise, offering new backstories for the hero, Dante, as well as for his brother, Vergil.

Even so, the two hunters are still the sons of the demon Sparda and, in order to highlight this, a special Son of Sparda Edition of the game has just been leaked online, via AGB.

As you can see above, this version of the game includes not just the actual title, but also a downloadable add-on, in the form of the previously announced Samurai Pack, as well as a special physical item, namely a necklace modeled after the one worn by Dante in the game.

No word yet on where this version of the title will be sold, so stay tuned for some official details soon.

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