DmC Devil May Cry Gets Pure Gameplay Video

Check out Dante as he explores a creepy mansion and fights different demons

Capcom has released yet another video with its upcoming DmC Devil May Cry title, this time showing off 5 minutes worth of pure gameplay footage that’s quite reminiscent of previous games in the series.

DmC is a pretty big departure from the franchise’s norm, as developer Ninja Theory is taking over from Capcom and delivers a bold new narrative while keeping the same classic hack and slash gameplay.

In order to further show off just how true the new game is to its roots, a new gameplay video has been released by Capcom, showing Dante as he explores an environment reminiscent of the traditional ones in previous games.

There are also quite a few hectic battles in which Dante performs a variety of his trademark moves, from juggling foes in the air to using his array of weapons in different and quite stylish maneuvers.

Check out the new video above and get ready for the release of DmC Devil May Cry on January 15 for PS3 and Xbox 360. A demo for the game is scheduled to appear later this month on the two home consoles.

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