DmC: Devil May Cry Gets Impressive Launch Trailer

Check out Dante and his new adventures in the latest video

DmC: Devil May Cry, Capcom's recently released hack and slash game, has just received an impressive launch trailer that celebrates the new title and its overhauled protagonist, Dante.

Devil May Cry games have delivered some intense yet stylish hack and slash experiences over the years, but Capcom has partnered with UK developer Ninja Theory to reboot the series.

While this has generated a fierce reaction from longtime fans, Capcom has continuously released gameplay videos and even a demo to show them that it's still a true Devil May Cry experience.

Now, after the game's release yesterday, January 15, on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and ahead of its arrival on the PC on January 25, Capcom has revealed the DmC Devil May Cry launch trailer.

As you can see above, the footage focuses on the overhauled version of Dante and emphasizes the intense gameplay possible in the new title.

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