DmC Devil May Cry Gets Impressive Cinematic Trailer

Check out Dante in all his glory in this fresh video

Capcom has posted yet another video of its upcoming DmC Devil May Cry hack and slash game, this time showing off a bit of cinematic footage in which Dante shows off his skills and reveals how he can save the world from the influence of demons.

DmC Devil May Cry branches out from the franchise made by Capcom in quite a few ways, particularly when it comes to the story, but its core gameplay, as we saw with the demo, is still intact and continues to emphasize stylish hack and slash.

Now, in order to highlight the basic premise of the new game, a brand new cinematic trailer has appeared, showing off the world nowadays and the array of methods demons use to enslave humanity without them ever noticing it.

Dante also gets to show off his stylish moves and his impressive weapons, so check out the video above and get ready for the release of DmC Devil May Cry on January 15, for PS3 and Xbox 360, and January 25, for PC.

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