Dishonored Dunwall City Trials Gets Gameplay Video

Check out some great footage with the upcoming add-on for Dishonored

The upcoming add-on for stealth game Dishonored, the Dunwall City Trials, has just received its first gameplay video, showing off footage from the 10 challenge maps that will try out the players’ skills.

Dishonored delivered a great stealth experience back in October, allowing players to explore the steampunk city of Dunwall and take out all sorts of shady individuals in order to prevent despots from taking complete control of its population.

Now, after players have had enough time to play through the game's campaign several times, a downloadable expansion is set to appear, in the form of the Dunwall City Trials.

After getting a release date last week on December 11, the add-on now has now received a full gameplay trailer, showing off quite a bit of footage form the 10 different challenge maps that are included within it.

As you can see above, players need to demonstrate their Dishonored skills and complete all sorts of tasks in the add-on.

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