Dishonored Developer Is Hiring Next-Gen Console Programmer

The company might already be working on the follow-up to Dishonored

Video game developer Arkane Studios, the company that created Dishonored, says that it is looking for a senior engine programmer that will work on a new project for the PC and for next-generation home consoles.

The job listing says that those who apply should be passionate about first-person titles and about role-playing games and that they should have previous experience on AAA title development.

After Dishonored was launched, publisher Bethesda revealed that it was satisfied with the sales performance and the critical reception of the game and that it would consider turning it into a franchise.

Arkane Studios might also be working on an entirely different title that’s specifically designed to use features associated with next-gen gaming consoles.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft has announced official plans for their coming devices, although that might change later during February.

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