Dirty Bomb Gets Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

Gamers will engage in multiplayer matches in London

The development team at Splash Damage is giving players a chance to watch footage for their upcoming project Dirty Bomb, which was taken during the pre-alpha stage of the game’s creation.

The video shows a battle that’s taken place around London Bridge.

Splash Damage has already revealed that Dirty Bomb will be focused on multiplayer and that it will be free-to-play on launch.

It seems that gameplay will be class based and that the developers at Splash Damage want to focus on the core mechanics of the genre.

The story will concentrate on the effects that a dirty bomb will have when detonated on the streets of London.

Splash Damage is best known for the work it has done on Brink, the Bethesda-published multiplayer shooter that was launched in early 2011 and which failed to find a strong audience.

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