Diablo 3 Gets Dueling in Patch 1.0.7, Launches After New Year

The mechanics will be similar to those seen in Diablo II

Video game developer Blizzard says that it plans to introduce a dueling mode to its action role-playing game Diablo 3 with the upcoming 1.0.7 patch, which is currently scheduled to launch after the New Year celebrations, although a clear date is not yet offered.

At the moment, the exact mechanics of dueling have not been explained, but they seem to be very close to what Diablo II offered in the area.

The latest blog post from the team states: “For now, though, we're going to first be looking at new modes that play up to the strengths of the character classes, focus on objectives beyond just defeating other players, and possibly even integrate PvE elements and rewards.”

Blizzard is not prepared to talk about what the new modes might bring to Diablo 3, but it seems that the developers are ready to offer long-term support for the multiplayer section of the game.

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