Developers Already Attending Microsoft Next Gen Durango Summit

Rumors are suggesting that the company will unveil the device at E3

It seems that Microsoft is already holding development summits linked to Durango, which is rumored to be the codename for the next-generation home console for the company, and one of them has just taken place in London.

Sean Tracy, who is a technical designer for Crysis studio Crytek, has posted on his personal Twitter feed that, “Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks.”

The Crytek man has since then deleted the message, but it seems pretty clear that Durango is a real piece of hardware or software.

Sources from inside Microsoft have stated that the company plans to refer to its next home console as Durango in the long term, creating an official game for the device just before launch.

The process seems similar to that linked to Kinect, the motion tracking system that has long been known as Project Natal.

The official position from Microsoft is that no new hardware announcement will be made this year.

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